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L'autonomisation des femmes par le sport.


En suivant la première ligue de softball musulmane entièrement féminine en Amérique du Nord, Sisterhood Softball dépeint une ligue qui permet aux femmes de s'émanciper par le sport dans une communauté où les femmes ne participent traditionnellement pas et sont considérées comme privées de pouvoir par ceux qui ne font pas partie de leur communauté.

Farhiya Ahmed

Lisa Rideout, John Choi

Farhiya Ahmed

Katie Chipperfield

Silas Eli

Siyao Guo

Terry Gilmore

Durée du film

About the Director

Farhiya Ahmed

Farhiya Ahmed

As a Somali-Canadian filmmaker, Farhiya Ahmed’s interest in storytelling came from exploring complex narratives, social issues, and lived experiences of fi rst and second-generation immigrants. Through film, Ahmed wants to explore the untold stories of people in her communities and show a nuanced depiction of immigrants with specifi city and universal themes. Being a filmmaker, Ahmed appreciates the power of cinema to illuminate different perspectives. She is inspired to create subtle, intimate fi lms that are emotionally motivated and driven by deep human connections and relationships. Ahmed is interested in the human scale with all its immensity and vulnerability. She is also a determined and self-driven storyteller who strives to take her role as a Muslim woman filmmaker seriously by bringing our communities to the proverbial cinematic table with the stories she chooses to tell.

Artist Statement

Sisterhood Softball is a film about perseverance and the strength of a community to empower women. The story of the only all-women Muslim softball league in North America, this documentary seeks to showcase the inspiring stories of Muslim women who have overcome societal barriers and personal challenges to pursue their passion for sports.

The film shows us a pathway to create change for the individual and the broader community exploring how these women break stereotypes and redefine what it means to be a Muslim woman in sports. We aim to highlight their resilience as they navigate their faith and cultural expectations.

By creating nuanced and rich depictions of underrepresented communities, I hope to build interest in these stories and ensure that our film reaches and is accessible to the communities depicted. While it deals with one league's specifics, it tells a community's universal story. Sisterhood Softball tells inspiring stories of ordinary Muslim women doing extraordinary things to make their communities better places and shows us the power of sisterhood to change perceptions.

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